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There is a new space in New York, and there is something special about it. Nicola Vassell recently opened the first black-owned gallery in Chelsea. Nicola herself is an art dealer and curator, and in opening this space is "committed to discourse that widens the lens of the history and the future of art."

"Evidence" is a series of silver gelatin vintage prints. These images by Ming Smith have never been exhibited before. They incorporate fifty years of work as a photographer from Detroit born Ming. The images themselves create a glimpse into the artist's exemplary eye for the pictorial narrative of the environment around her. The photos are complex, thought-provoking, and engaging.  

Nicola states, "I am delighted to inaugurate my new gallery with a solo presentation by Ming Smith, an artist I admire greatly. Minx embodies the spirit of the gallery and its journey to inception — the irrepressible guest for truth and beauty. It is my honor to share this moment with her."

Ming was the first female member to join Kamoinge, a Black collective of photographers in New York in the 1960s. She has exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art and the Tate Modern.
Ming is currently based in Harlem.

The exhibition runs through July 3rd, so if you find yourself in NYC, check it out!

America Seen Through Stars and Stripes (New York), 1976

M Smith COOPH 001

Dakar Roadside with Figure, 1972

M Smith COOPH 002

Mother and Child, 1977

M Smith COOPH 003

Space Ra Space III, 1978

M Smith COOPH 004

West Indian Day Parade (Brooklyn, New York), 1972

M Smith COOPH 005

Self Portrait as Josephine, 1986

M Smith COOPH 006

Grace Jones, Studio 54 (New York), 1970s

M Smith COOPH 007

Nicola Vassell Gallery

M Smith COOPH 008

Want more? Check out the gallery here.

All images are provided by Nicola Vassell Gallery © Ming Smith

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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