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Exhibition Review: Art of Our Century (NYC)


Photo: Art of Our Century

There is a relatively new gallery in Greenwich Village, New York. You may miss it if you walk very quickly down the streets (as one tends to do in New York City). The gallery is half-way hidden in a historical building, full of lofts. The viewer must be on the lookout for a sign and buzzed in to enter. However, things have slowed down a bit in the Big Apple, and it is always a treat to still view (with social distancing) any new and excellent artworks.

Art of Our Century is the name of the gallery. It was initially “inspired by legendary art world figure Peggy Guggenheim’s 1942-47 gallery on 57th St. of a similar name, Art of This Century.” - Tim McD. (Gallery Director)

The current exhibition on view at the space is titled, “Pride Marches On: Celebrating 50 Years.” The group show exhibits a timeline of sixty photographs. The chronology starts with the first organized Pride parade on June 28,1970 (Christopher Street Liberation Day March). Each image displayed holds a piece of history and a fight for human rights. Seeing the show in its entirety is something remarkable.

Photographers include: Barbara Alper, Fred W. McDarrah, Meryl Meisler, Suzanne Poli, Mary McKenna Ridge, Darleen Rubin and Allan Tannenbaum.

Pride COOPH 001

1. Art of Our Century, Pride Marches On - Street Sign, New York

Pride COOPH 002

2. Garden Guys, Pride March 1977, Meryl Meisler

Pride COOPH 003

3. Queer Nation, 1990, Suzanne Poli

Pride COOPH 004 vertical

4. Neighbors, 1979, Susanne Poli

Pride COOPH 005

5. Waiting for the Parade, 2019, Mary Mckenna Ridge

Pride COOPH 006

6. Gallery View I

Pride COOPH 007

7. Gallery View II

Pride COOPH 008 vertical

8. Marsha P. Johnson, Pride 1985, Suzanne Poli

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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