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Sequoia Emmanuelle is a photographer, fashion designer, painter and graphic designer. Sequoia has a knack for combining her talents to create a singularly differentiating existence within her imagery of the avant-garde in the California art and fashion scene. 

We asked Sequoia to walk us through her “Profolio” and tell us a little bit about each image…

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 001

"Magic Hour" An editorial I shot last year, which became one of my favorites. I love the mood and feeling of this shoot. The backdrop was outside and we used smoke bombs, which made us all choke and cough from the extreme fumes. 

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 002

I met Amanda Lepore a few years ago in NYC. We shot this image for Dark Beauty Magazine. 

I was thrilled to work with Amanda, after seeing her for many years in one of my favorite photographers work, David La Chapelle. 


COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 003

This shoot was really exciting because we had four snakes on set. My model Guetcha was quite comfortable and made the photos turn out so wild and interesting. 

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 004

This shot has become an iconic image for me, and is the cover of my book, "Duende" It means, "The Mysterious Power of Art to deeply move a person"


COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 005

This shoot was created as a series I started called "Art for Arts Sake".

I just wanted to make some art that wasn't being published or something I would have to wait months to release. 


COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 006

This shoot was for my friends glove collection, "Majesty Black". I love shooting color so much, but I also really love a great Black and White image. 


COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 007

Another shot from the "Magic Hour" series. I love the surrealism vibe in this shot. 

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 008

Another "Art for Art's Sake" series image. This image is of my friend Ashley Joy Beck. She is one of my main make-up artists I work with and she can really rock it in front of the camera too.

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 009

This image has become a fan favorite and I've seen it cycled on social media sites like Pinterest and Tumbler. How cool!

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 010

This is singer Neon Hitch. She is such a fun and wild spirit to work with. I learned that she grew up with her family doing circus performing, which was exciting to me because I love the circus. 

I wanted the set and styling to have a taste of circus, bohemian and also have a queenly and regal feeling to it. 

COOPH Sequoia Emmanuelle 011

This was a Beauty test shoot I did a few months ago that I of my new favorites. 

I'm obsessed with Moody Blue tones and colored skin, giving models a other worldy feeling.

Want more? Check out Sequoia's website

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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