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Exploring the inHUMAN side of monkeys


Photo: Pawel Bogumil

Polish photographer Pawel Bogumil has created a powerful B&W photo series entitled ‘inHUMAN’ that showcases powerful portraits of primates in European zoos displaying human traits, expressions and emotions. The photographs are being exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Warsaw until April 3, 2016.

Curator of the exhibition Rafal Lochowski offers a few words about the series: “The tricky title ‘inHUMAN’ is a play on words that perfectly illustrates the extreme feelings we experience when looking at black and white photographs of monkeys, portrayed by the artist through the bars and glass screens of European zoos. Some of the photographs make us afraid of these mighty animals – others make us wonder who the person is and what they are thinking about. We subconsciously forget that we are looking at an animal. These skillfully made portraits by Bogumil make our hair stand on end.

Enjoy the series below…

Pawel Bogumil COOPH 02
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 03
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 04
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 05
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 06
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 08
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 07
Pawel Bogumil COOPH 09

You can discover more of Pawel Bogumil's work here.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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