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Exploring The Light and Dark Within Us


Born and raised in The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Tas Limur is currently based in Los Angeles. Tas’ photography reflects elements of symbolic realism, and he believes his work is a metaphor for the interconnected nature between light and darkness which resonates within human nature. 

in this ‘Profolio’, Tas offers a few words on some of his favorite works...

Tas Limur COOPH 001

They call her Cryptid. They fear her. But no one knows that she is just lonely and sad. All she wants is a friend to play with.

Tas Limur COOPH 002

Then there were three sorceresses. The first one. She would turn a seed into a tree in one meditation. 

Tas Limur COOPH 003

Meet the second sorceress. Her eyes have cataracts but the vision of her soul goes as far as planet Saturn. 

Tas Limur COOPH 004

She is the third sorceress. Time stops when she bleeds. She would bring the dead back to life with just one drop of a tear.

Tas Limur COOPH 007

Kiss me before I play a crescendo. 

Tas Limur COOPH 008

“You are wonderful!” she whispered. Then she ate my ear.  

Tas Limur COOPH 013

Sometimes I feel like no one can see me.

Tas Limur COOPH 0015

It's a crime. Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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