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Exploring The Parallels Between the Symbolic and the Human Spirit


Jennifer B Thoreson is a MFA degree graduate in studio photography at The University of New Mexico. Jennifer’s work is highly involved and each photograph is well thought-out and meticulously crafted. Jennifer’s photographs cast visions of symbolic representation, reflecting back onto her religious upbringing in rural Texas. Pulling from the series titled: Baptism, Flora and Medic, the viewer can experience a juxtaposition in the imagery of the forgotten and the discarded.

Have faith in the experimental and curious as Jennifer B Thereon shares some images in this Profolio…

COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Communion


COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Flora 1

Flora 1

COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Flora 4

Flora 4

COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Good Samaratin

Good Samaritan

COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Manna


COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Messanger


COOPH Jennifer Thoreson Prophet


COOPH Jennifer Thoreson The Former Self

The Former Self

Want more? Check out Jennifer's website here

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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