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Food Of The Famous


Italian-born photographer Dan Bannino has been fascinated by food since his very first project ‘Still Diets’. In a world intrigued by the the secret lives of celebrities and powerful people, his new project ‘Food and Power’ seeks to represent these figures through what they eat. He says; "I consider these photos to be studio-reportage; exploring the eating habits of influential people in both a quirky and random way. With an almost satirical take on the individuals, the project is a mash up of politics, art and photography.” 

COOPH Dan Bannino 01

Angela Merkel

COOPH Dan Bannino 02

Donald Trump

COOPH Dan Bannino 03

Kim Jong Un

COOPH Dan Bannino 04

Marie Antoinette

COOPH Dan Bannino 05

Pope Francis

COOPH Dan Bannino 06

Queen Elizabeth II

COOPH Dan Bannino 07

Santa Claus

COOPH Dan Bannino 08

Vladimir Putin

Written by Fred Simmons

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