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Photo: Fotografiska

Fotografiska was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010. The goal behind the museum is to create an atmosphere that builds a community around the concept of photography. As of December 2019, Fotografiska has a second home, based in New York City. The space is a lifestyle experience, incorporating exhibition, dining (“Veronika” designed by Roman and Williams), retail, event/workshop programming, artist talks, and nightlife. Each floor showcases a different artist, creating an experience that reflects the work on hand. For the opening lineup, featured photographers are Ellen von Unwerth, Tawny Chatmon, Helene Schmitz, and Adi Nes.

Exhibition Image: Tawny Chatmon

Foto COOPH 001

Adi Nes: The Last Supper (1999)

Foto COOPH 002

Adi Nes: Untitled (1996)

Foto COOPH 003

Ellen von Unwerth

Foto COOPH 004

Ellen von Unwerth, Guess Who, Glaudia Schiffer, Nashville, 1989

Foto COOPH 005

Thinking Like a Mountain, Aesthetics of Violence (2017): Helene Schmitz

Foto COOPH 006

Thinking Like a Mountain (2017): Helene Schmitz

Foto COOPH 007

Tawny Chatmon

Foto COOPH 008

Castles from the series “The Redemption” (2019) © Tawny Chatmon. 
 Courtesy Tawny Chatmon and Galerie Myrtis.

Foto COOPH 009



Outside view of Fotografiska

Foto COOPH 010

All images provided by Fotografiska and are copyrighted by the artists:  Ellen von Unwerth, Tawny Chatmon, Helene Schmitz, and Adi Nes.

For more information about Fotografiska and these artists check out the link.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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