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From Where I Drone


Photo: Dirk Dallas

Designer and aerial photographer Dirk Dallas has been passionate about drones for over 10 years and his photographs are shot from the DJI Phantom Quadcopter. With minimal post-production work, he is able to encompass the natural and poetic beauty of the depth, silhouettes and the colours of everyday places. This also gives viewers a bird's-eye view of what its like to view these places from above.

Get ready to take off with these stunning photos from Dirk's ‘From Where I Drone’ collection...

Cooph Dirk Dallas 001
Cooph Dirk Dallas 002
Cooph Dirk Dallas 003
Cooph Dirk Dallas 004
Cooph Dirk Dallas 005
Cooph Dirk Dallas 006
Cooph Dirk Dallas 007
Cooph Dirk Dallas 009

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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