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Grey Among Silver


A few years ago COOPH did a VISUAL Q&A with LA based photographer and filmmaker Niko Sonnberger. Niko recently finished shooting her first short film titled, Grey Among Silver. We asked Niko to tell us a little about the film, "It's an ominous retelling of The Little Mermaid with a kaleidoscopic twist on the original fairytale ending. More of a visual poem than a typical film narrative, cinematographer Michael Atallah frames this aphotic, surrealist story through arresting visuals and foreboding contrasts of land and sea; all while maintaining the parallels from one world to the next.”



Grey Among Silver COOPH 1
Grey Among Silver COOPH 2
Grey Among Silver COOPH 3
Grey Among Silver COOPH 4
Grey Among Silver COOPH 5
Grey Among Silver COOPH 6
Grey Among Silver COOPH 7
Grey Among Silver COOPH 8
Grey Among Silver COOPH 9

Check out the original interview with Niko here.

Want more? Click here. For film screening / festival dates, check out the Instagram.

Film Poster by: Vukadin Backonja.

Film Credits:

Directed by Niko Sonnberger
Screenplay by Raymond Gutierrez
Produced by Raymond Gutierrez and Niko Sonnberger

Director of Photography Michael Atallah
Edited by Diana Lopez
Music and Sound by Brad Fischer

Michael Malota
Nohemi Rojas

Assistant Camera Otto Mertins
Make up & effects by Jill Fogel
Production Assistant Juan Cereceda
Food Stylist Anthony Santiago

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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