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Based in Denver, CO, Wes Butler describes himself as a designer, introvert and empath. Photography helps him to manage this challenging combination. He explains; “Creation is revitalizing while analyzing any connection I may have to the resulting photos allows for introspection and personal growth.”

Inspired by the images of photographer Bing Wright, Wes says he is “committed for the long run to photography and this process of bitter disappointment with moments of magic which is inherent in creating art.” As he was given a last minute opportunity to explore Guatemala on a bike trip, Wes took along his camera and captured his impressions of the local culture, the stunning scenery and the city of Antigua.

Wes Butler-01-Antigua
Wes Butler-02-Agua
Wes Butler-03-Tanque-Union
Wes Butler-04-Trabanjando
Wes Butler-05-Centro-Dental
Wes Butler-06-Volcan-de-Agua
Wes Butler-07-Atitlan
Wes Butler-08-Lancha

Written by Michael Griessler

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