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Happy Pride 2021 from COOPH!


In the Celebration of PRIDE Month in the United States, COOPH would like to highlight French Fashion photographer Chantal Regnault. Chantal recently published her photo book, "VOGUING," documenting the queer House Ballroom Scene of New York City between 1989 and 92. By the 1980s, the aesthetics of queer culture had considerably branched outside of the Village, and "Voguing" stepped into public consciousness. These Harlem Drag Masquerade Balls became so popular that Madonna's famous song "Vogue" was inspired.

Chantal states, "Why photograph the house ballroom circuit back then? Because it was fun and beautiful! It was a storm of fresh air, a revival of New York nightlife, which by the mid-1980s had sunk into the shadow of the plague. The gay, black, and Latino culture of houses, balls, and voguing came to save mainstream from the gloom."

Jennifer Legend, House of Omni Ball 1-Tracks, W. 19th Street (NYC), April 1989

Chantall COOPH 001

Octavia Saint Laurent, Love Ball 1, AIDS Benefit, Roseland (NYC), May 1989

Chantall COOPH 002

Octavia Saint Laurent, Harlem, W. 117th Street, May 1989

Chantall COOPH 003

House of La Beija Picnic, Central Park (NYC), July 1989

Chantall COOPH 004

Temperance Saint Laurent, House of Adonis Ball, New Jersey Ballroom, July 1989

Chantall COOPH 005

Tony Overness, The Grandest Grand March Ever, AIDS Benefit, Palladium (NYC), 1990

Chantall COOPH 006

Stacy Mugler, House of Milan Ball, Gay Community Center, W. 13th Street, August 1990

Chantall COOPH 007

Tanqueray Ball, AIDS benefit, Sound Factory (NYC), November 1989

Chantall COOPH 008

Danny, David, David Ian-Luis and Jose Xtravaganza - Tracks, W. 19th Street, May 1989

Chantall COOPH 009



Voguing Book Cover by Chantal Regnault

Chantall COOPH 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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