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High On The Hill


Photo: Lewis Freeth

Street photographer Lewis Freeth has been capturing the characters of the Notting Hill Carnival in London since 2009. His new photo book, High On The Hill, takes us deep into the 'string-vested underbelly' of Europe’s largest street festival.





“I am a Londoner who enjoys going against the crowd from time to time; and there is no better place to (literally) achieve this than Notting Hill Carnival. My plan is simple enough; go headfirst into the mayhem and aim to come out with moments that will eventually build into a story.” 






“Carnival is loud, licentious and very London. That might be in stark contrast with the traditional view of the city as stand-offish and politely British, but that's exactly what is going on amidst the millionaire rows of Notting Hill every August bank holiday; cultures colliding and combining to make the biggest street festival in Europe happen.”






Written by Marc Schwarz

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