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Histoires Naturelles


Parisian photographer Juliette Bates holds a MFA in Art History, with a specialization in the carnivalesque of the late nineteenth century. Juliette’s series titled, Histoires Naturelles, creates a narrative around a mysterious black clade female figure. The character at hand, presents the audience with a cabinet of curiosities. The questions that Juliette tries to ask with this body of work is: How fragile is the human condition and what is our relationship to nature?

Enjoy this strange fairy tale where photography strives to preserve the passing of time…

COOPH Juliette Bates 001
COOPH Juliette Bates 002
COOPH Juliette Bates 003
COOPH Juliette Bates 004
COOPH Juliette Bates 005
COOPH Juliette Bates 007
COOPH Juliette Bates 008
COOPH Juliette Bates 009
COOPH Juliette Bates 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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