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Hong Kong in 2D


Photo: Christian Åslund

Swedish Photographer Christian Åslund recently shot a super cool project that caught our eye… Hong Kong in 2D.
“The mission of the project was to do a tribute to classic 2D platform video games, old-school side-scrolling games like Donkey Kong, and let a person navigate the streets,” explains Christian.  

Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 02

“I got the idea for the project when I was in Hong Kong visiting a friend, who had access to a skyscraper rooftop in Hong Kong. A while later I was commissioned by the shoe brand Jim Rickey to shoot an advertising campaign and managed to sell the idea to them.”

Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 03

“By shooting from as high above as possible, using a tele lens to make the images more flat, it was possible to create the feeling of the model being the players alter ego, the character, and the actual image would be the player's perspective. We used walkie-talkies to communicate with the people on the ground, fine-tuning them into the right perspective and also having a overview of oncoming traffic since we were actually in the middle of highly busy streets, and did not have time or budget to close them off!”

Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 05
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 06
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 07
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 08
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 10
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 11
Honkey Kong Jim Rickey 12

Be sure to visit Christian's website for more cool photography inspiration! 

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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