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Photo: Jerome Brunet

Born in southern France and raised in Canada, Jerome Brunet developed an interest in music at the early age of four, and later began studying as a classical cellist. Jerome’s focus later shifted to the visual arts; however, music always remained an important part of his life when he became a music photographer. Jerome is able to freeze musicians in a state of performative perfection and thus, the captured expressions, looks, and gestures convey pure passion for the performing arts –  it’s almost as if you could hear the musicians sing their songs and play their instruments when looking at his shots. 

Asked about his great talent to capture musicians in their zone, Jerome responds, "I’ve been shooting musicians professionally for over twenty years now and my only rule has been that I only shoot who I like. I think it brings forth something extra in the image to be passionate about the music.”  

Get blown away by his amazing images below.

COOPH Jerome Brunet 001
COOPH Jerome Brunet 002
COOPH Jerome Brunet 003
COOPH Jerome Brunet 004
COOPH Jerome Brunet 005
COOPH Jerome Brunet 006
COOPH Jerome Brunet 007
COOPH Jerome Brunet 008

Written by Theresa Friedl

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