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Based in Alexandria, Yasser Alaa Mobarak began taking photos during the Egyptian revolution of 2011. The country’s turmoil had to be documented and Yasser, then just 18, wanted to contribute to that effort. Since then he has been featured in numerous publications, travelled extensively on assignment, and received several prestigious international photography awards such as the AFIAP distinction from the International Federation of Photographic Art.

Mobarak’s series on India is a tangible work of interaction, color, and experience. His simple take on daily life creates a feeling of really being there in the spectator. Above all else, Yasser credits his drive as his key strength as a photographer. Finding the right moment is his specialty and below he shares a few of them with us.

COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 01
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 02
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 03
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 04
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 05
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 06
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 07
COOPH Yasser Alaa Mobarak 08

To see more of Yasser’s work, check out his website.



Written by Fred Simmons

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