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Infrared Illuminations


Activist, educator and alt process photographer Peter de Graaff, is an artist philosopher in his own time. Peter lives in Shellharbour, New South Wales and likes to take pictures with his 4 x 5 camera, using color infrared films.

Recently Peter exhibited a series exposing impermanence through shell fragments from nearby ancient middens at Revela-T in Barcelona. Peter often questions the conceptual methodology behind using color infrared film. Peter states that it is like “viewing the world through a playful and parodic lens.”

Peter de Graaff COOPH 001
Peter de Graaff COOPH 002
Peter de Graaff COOPH 003
Peter de Graaff COOPH 004
Peter de Graaff COOPH 005
Peter de Graaff COOPH 006
Peter de Graaff COOPH 007
Peter de Graaff COOPH 008

Want more? Check out Peter's photos here and his Facebook here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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