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Photo: Bertil Nilsson

Swedish photographer Bertil Nilsson lives and works in London, and recently produced an inspiring series called “Intersections” featuring artists & dancers in urban environments.  

“The intersection of architecture and body is an opportunity for me to learn more about the quiet side of the city and the nature of being a performer. The performer takes on the role of a living sculpture; a soft and fluid form in an urban landscape of sharp corners and hard landings,” says Bertil.

01 COOPH Bertil Nilsson  MJ 01 562
02 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Kevin 05 066
03 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Jenny Sara 01 025
04 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Yui 01 861
05 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Louis Beren 118
07 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Ben H 02 541
08 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Courtney 04 141
09 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Paul 01 217
10 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Jenny Sara 03 016
11 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Kevin 04 191
12 COOPH Bertil Nilsson Renaldo Naomi 02 111

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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