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Isabella Tabacchi


Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer living in northern Italy. Her work stems from her need to explore and express herself through the landscapes she captures. Each photo gives her a sense of discovery. In 2020 she was awarded Photographer of the Year in the Moscow International Photo Awards. And in 2021, Isabella received the title of Hasselblad Heroine.

Breath of the Matterhorn

Tabacchi COOPH 001, Isabella Tabacchi

Golden Age

Tabacchi COOPH 002, Isabella Tabacchi

Life Is Born Again

Tabacchi COOPH 003, Isabella Tabacchi

Plumage of Sand

Tabacchi COOPH 004, Isabella Tabacchi

The Breath of Mutnovsky

Tabacchi COOPH 005, Isabella Tabacchi

The Ghost Mountains

Tabacchi COOPH 006, Isabella Tabacchi

The Last Light of Autumn

Tabacchi COOPH 007, Isabella Tabacchi

The Life of the Volcano

Tabacchi COOPH 008, Isabella Tabacchi

Way to Udina

Tabacchi COOPH 009, Isabella Tabacchi



Written by Rowynn Dumont

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