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Jessica Lange: Highway 61


“These photographs are a chronicle of what remains and what has disappeared. It has a long memory, Highway 61.” - Jessica Lange

“Highway 61,” is currently on exhibition at Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. The series of black and whites was taken by renowned actress and photographer Jessica Lange. Each image contributes to the telling of Jessica’s journey down Highway 61 (northeast Minneapolis, running 1,400 miles tracing the Mississippi River, ending in New Orleans). A montage of road photography. If you find yourself in New York, through January 18, 2020, check out the exhibition at 41 East 57th Street, Suite 1406, New York.

Jessica Lange COOPH 001
Jessica Lange COOPH 002
Jessica Lange COOPH 003
Jessica Lange COOPH 004
Jessica Lange COOPH 005
Jessica Lange COOPH 006
Jessica Lange COOPH 007
Jessica Lange COOPH 008
Jessica Lange COOPH 009



Jessica Lange COOPH 010
Jessica Lange COOPH 011

Check out the exhibition here. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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