Cooperative of Photography

Journey of the Private Moon Around the World (2003-2018)


Leonid Tishkov is a photographer from Russia, who travels the world accompanied by his own, illuminated, private moon. Leonid’s childlike wonder is inspired by folk tales from the ancient Ural people, of his home. The photographs are taken in various places such as: Russia, France, America, New Zealand, The Arctic, Japan, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. Private Moon, is a mobile installation and visual poem telling the story of a man who met the Moon and stayed with her forever. His voyage was exhibited in the Bass Museum, in 2008.

01 Leonid Tishkov COOPH

 Paris Rain On the Roof

02 Leonid Tishkov  COOPH

The Moon On the Ice

03 Leonid Tishkov  COOPH

Romania Rosia Montana Karier

04 Leonid Tishkov COOPH

 Kazakhstan Tien Shan Mount Observatory

05 Leonid Tishkov  COOPH

Under Broken Bridge Maolin Taiwan

06 Leonid Tishkov  COOPH

Urals The Moon in Green Boat

07 Leonid Tishkov  COOPH

Ukrain Lviv Boy and the Moon

08 Leonid Tishkov COOPH

Romania The Moon and Children Rovinari

09 Leonid Tishkov COOPH

New Zealand Rngitoto Island

10 Leonid Tishkov COOPH

Slovakia Back to Childhood

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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