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“Hello, My name is Slava Semeniuta.” 

Slava is an artist and photographer from Siberia who loves everything cosmic. Currently based in Sochi, Russia, Slava is fascinated by the neon colors that can be found in deep sea creatures and the magic of the cosmos. Slava says, “When I bought my first camera I was photographing insects, nature and my city. Now I often create body painting and digital art. I turn my models into cosmic creatures.”
Enjoy a selection of Slava's images below.

COOPH Semeniuta 001
COOPH Semeniuta 002
COOPH Semeniuta 003
COOPH Semeniuta 004
COOPH Semeniuta 005
COOPH Semeniuta 007
COOPH Semeniuta 008
COOPH Semeniuta 009
COOPH Semeniuta 010

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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