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Little People, Big Cities


UK-based photographer Slinkachu combines his passion for photography with his fascination of miniature models. By customising train set figures and handcrafting new elements with modelling clay, he seeks to create a narrative or emotion in a static shot. After setting up and photographing his scenes, he leaves the figures behind to the fate of the city. 

He says; “a lot of my images are about the alienation and loneliness that living in a city can create. Or the fears that people have in urban areas. This has always interested me and using tiny figures dwarfed by their surroundings works as a great analogy for this.”



Slinkachu COOPH 001
Slinkachu COOPH 002
Slinkachu COOPH 003
Slinkachu COOPH 004
Slinkachu COOPH 005
Slinkachu COOPH 006
Slinkachu COOPH 007
Slinkachu COOPH 008

Written by Fred Simmons

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