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London After Dark


Photographer Edo Zollo has been living in London for about 15 years. Having worked night shifts for many years, he roams through its streets during the night to capture the sinister beauty of the city. Playing with depth and perception, he tries to bring a sense of voyeurism to his shots.

“London is a completely different city at night; different sounds, different sights, different people”; Edo explains. “I find it quite mystifying, spending time in the London that very few of us pay attention to.”

COOPH Edo Zollo 01
COOPH Edo Zollo 02
COOPH Edo Zollo 03
COOPH Edo Zollo 04
COOPH Edo Zollo 05
COOPH Edo Zollo 06
COOPH Edo Zollo 07

Written by Michael Griessler

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