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Lost America


Matthew Portch was born and raised in Bristol, England. Growing up he was influenced by American television. The series, “Lost America,” explores what Matthew describes as a sense of, “on-pause.” He explores the towns and rural suburbs of the United States. A feeling of absence runs through the imagery. He states, “My creative vision is to capture a calm and melancholic disposition in the landscape and create a scene of discernible simplicity to evoke an emotional and response from within.”

House by the Cane Fields, Louisiana

Matt Portch COOPH 002

Picnic Stands, White Sands #1

Matt Portch COOPH 003

66 Drive-in, Missouri

Matt Portch COOPH 004

Chevy with Flames, California

Matt Portch COOPH 005

Payphone, New Mexico

Matt Portch COOPH 006

Hoop by the Sea, California

Matt Portch COOPH 007

Empty Pool, California

Matt Portch COOPH 008

The Wall Frame, Arizona

Matt Portch COOPH 009

Check out Matthew's website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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