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Samanta Krivec stumbled into photography looking for an escape. It wound up being a full-time passion. For the past few years her work has delved ever more into the realm of deep contemplative subjects. Though she occasionally shoots nature and city photography, the bulk of her work has dealt with internal spaces and somber environments filled with a variety of aspects.  

The photo collection below is made up entirely of self portraiture. Samanta began the series in an old abandoned hotel but was forced to finish it at her apartment due to the hotel's renovation. No one can express it better that the artist who describes her photography as, “conceptual, expressive, dramatic, weird… photos with soul, meaning…”

COOPH Samanta Krivec 01
COOPH Samanta Krivec 02
COOPH Samanta Krivec 03
COOPH Samanta Krivec 04
COOPH Samanta Krivec 05
COOPH Samanta Krivec 06
COOPH Samanta Krivec 07

Want more? Check out Samanta’s website.

Written by Fred Simmons

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