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LUPIMARIS: The Wolves Of The Sea


Photo: Christian Stemper

Austrian photographer Christian Stemper has been documenting traditional Greek fishermen since 2010. The traditional fishing culture is rapidly dying out, and the result of Stemper's work is LUPIMARIS: Wolves of the Sea –  an important photo book full of stunningly evocative photos and heart-wrenching interviews with the fishermen of the Greek island of Paros.

LUPIMARIS: Wolves of the Sea showcases portraits of the fisherman, their traditional wooden boats as well as shots of their catches and other details of their lives – preserving a historic record of their lifestyle, beliefs, culture and traditions.

Enjoy a selection of the shots below...

Christian Stemper COOPH 002
Christian Stemper COOPH 003
Christian Stemper COOPH 004
Christian Stemper COOPH 006
Christian Stemper COOPH 007

Enjoy a video of the making of...

Be sure to visit Christian Stemper on his website and facebook.
Visit the LUPIMARIS website here.

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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