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Mexican Cenotes


Photo: Christian Vizl

Christian Vizl is an underwater photographer based in Mexico City. His series titled, “Mexican Cenotes,” is a visual delight, showcasing the stunning detail of the world beneath the sea. He states, “From the Maya word dzonot or ts'onot ‘well’ refers to any location with accessible groundwater is a deep natural pit or sinkhole…Major Maya settlements required access to adequate water supplies, and therefore cities, including the famous Chichén Itzá, were built around these natural wells. Some cenotes like the Sacred Cenote in Chichén Itzá played an important role in Maya rites. Believing that these pools were gateways to the afterlife, the Maya sometimes threw valuable items into them. The discovery of golden sacrificial artifacts in some cenotes led to the archaeological exploration of most cenotes in the first part of the 20th century.” Christian has won Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Sony World Photography Awards. In addition he has been featured in National Geographic and Ocean Geographic Magazine.

Christian Vizl COOPH 001
Christian Vizl COOPH 002
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Christian Vizl COOPH 005
Christian Vizl COOPH 006
Christian Vizl COOPH 007
Christian Vizl COOPH 008

Check out Christian's website here. In addition you can find his book "Silent Kingdom," here. Or follow Christian on Facebook. 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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