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Michael Behlen: Don’t Shake It Like A Polaroid


Michael Behlen hails from Fresno, California. He is an amateur photographer, working in finance by day and taking backpacking trips across the California wilderness on the weekends. He has been featured in F-Stop and Blur Magazine.

"Don't Shake It Like A Polaroid," is a book, which features photographic instant images of landscapes in multi-color dimensions, across the American peninsula. The name of the featured series is "Searching for Stillness Vol II." Michael states, "(This series) is an examination of the experiences that make us feel alive. It is the symbolic journey of the mental transformation we undergo as we travel the pathway of human life. As we navigate through life's highs and lows searching for the moments that make us feel, we find that it's not the destination, but the culmination of our travels that leads us towards the calm exhilaration of uncompromising mental clarity."

Michael Behlen 10
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"Don't Shake It Like A Polaroid," was published by Static, on May 2019. It is 56 pages on heavy silk paper, perfect bound. There is a limited amount of copies (100), so feel free to purchase yours here.

Check out his website, Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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