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Christopher Jewell is a self-taught photographer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He created the series, "Misery Loves Photography," out of his love for the dark side and "all things spooky." He states, "It's an escape, a rebellion–– a theater to whip us away from mundane reality."

Christopher's background in cinematography fuels his image-making process and lighting techniques. In his work, he utilizes vintage lenses and grainy film-like medium ISOs. This helps to create a particular aesthetic appearance that is apparent in each image.

Through melancholia's representation, Christopher finds a sort of beauty and mystery to it, comparing it to a kind of visual poetry. He says, "Black, after all, is the amalgam of all colors combined."

Charon Passage

Chris Jewell COOPH 001


Chris Jewell COOPH 002

Headless Queen

Chris Jewell COOPH 003


Chris Jewell COOPH 004

Sara Duel Identity

Chris Jewell COOPH 005


Chris Jewell COOPH 006

Ghost Walk

Chris Jewell COOPH 007

Check out the entire series on Instagram here, or Christopher's website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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