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New York Wet Plates


Hunter Helmstaedter is an artist, film-maker, and photographer. Hunter was born in Denver but is now based in Brooklyn. Currently, Hunter is working with wet plate collodion as his medium of choice. Due to the pandemic, Hunter lost his job in television. So he decided to pick up his camera and start photographing the empty City. He states, “Normally the bustling streets of New York City are crowded with people. For the first time in modern history, the City has been slowed to a halt in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. I felt it was important to document this rare moment in history wherein deserted streets and empty scenes became a familiar sight to those living in New York City.”

He feels that this virus has forced people to slow down and “take in what is happening,” around them. For him, taking up the collodion process allowed him to practice something which is “very old.”

All photographs are copyrighted © by Hunter Helmstaedter

Hunter COOPH 001

China Town, 04.01.2020

Hunter COOPH 002

Coney Island, 04.14.2020

Hunter COOPH 003

Coney Island, 04.14.2020

Hunter COOPH 004

Coney Island, 04.14.2020

Hunter COOPH 005

Dumbo, 04.28.2020

Hunter COOPH 006

Dumbo, 04.28.2020

Hunter COOPH 007

Grace Court Alley NYC Skyline Concrete Jungle, 05.02.2020

Hunter COOPH 008

Grace Court Alley, 05.02.2020

Hunter COOPH 009

Little Italy, 04.06.2020

Hunter COOPH 010

Soho, 03.26.2020

Hunter COOPH 011

Times Square, 03.26.2020

Hunter COOPH 012

Tribeca, 04.06.2020

Check out Hunter's Instagram here and his Wet Plate series here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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