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Nick Brandt: This Empty World


New York gallery Edwynn Houk, recently exhibited the show, “This Empty World,” by Nick Brandt. The series is a courageous exploration investigating environmental degradation, and its effects on humans and animals alike, set in Maasai, Kenya. The majority of the photographs were taken at night, and illuminated with artificial lighting. The work is both compelling and visionary. If you find yourself in New York, check out the exhibition through April 20, 2019.

Bridge Construction With Elephants & Workers at Night, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 001

Bus Station With Elephant & Red Bus, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 002

Charcoal Burning with Giraffe & Worker, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 003

EHG installation shot 1

Nick Brandt COOPH 004

EHG installation shot 2

Nick Brandt COOPH 005

Garage With Blind Rhino, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 006

Highway Construction With Elephants, Workers & Fence, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 007

Petrol Station With Lion, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 008

River of People With Elephant at Night, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 009



Whistling Thorns With Gazelle, 2018

Nick Brandt COOPH 010

All images are provided:
© Nick Brandt / Courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York

Check out Nick's website here and Edwynn Houk here.



Written by Rowynn Dumont

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