Cooperative of Photography

Nocturnal Delight


Photo: Hans Withoos

Hans Withoos’s work is fueled by the concepts of decadence and mythology. He weaves stories together to create lavish and sensual imagery. Hans states, “‘Nocturnal Delight, The Seven Deadly Sins,’ was shot between 2012 and 2017 and transports you into a colorful but frightening dream sequence about lust, beauty and alienation.” Hans photographs have been featured in Vogue Italy and Bazaar.

Envy Amsterdam Vondelpark

Hans Withoos COOPH 001

Envy Rotterdam The Dance

Hans Withoos COOPH 002

Greed Venice Begging for Money

Hans Withoos COOPH 003

Greed Antwerp Diamant District

Hans Withoos COOPH 004

Gluttony Antwerp Sint Michielskaai

Hans Withoos COOPH 005

Gluttony New York Times Square

Hans Withoos COOPH 006

Sloth Amsterdam Rijks Museum

Hans Withoos COOPH 010

Vanity Istanbul Bosporus

Hans Withoos COOPH 011

Vanity Venice Ellen is Falling

Hans Withoos COOPH 012



Wrath Kurhaus Scheveningen LA Grande Finale

Hans Withoos COOPH 014

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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