Cooperative of Photography

Of Geometric Spaces, Angles & Shadows


Sallie Harrison is an award-winning photographer, art director and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. Her photos encapsulate minimalism and take on a surreal quality. With a love for composition and typography, Sallie has captured this series that combines kaleidoscopic architectural shapes, fine angles, light and soothing pastel hues. Her pictures are all shot in natural light with limited post-production work done on them.

Enjoy the series below...

Sallie Harrison Cooph 001
Sallie Harrison Cooph 002
Sallie Harrison Cooph 003
Sallie Harrison Cooph 004
Sallie Harrison Cooph 005
Sallie Harrison Cooph 006
Sallie Harrison Cooph 007
Sallie Harrison Cooph 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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