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Once Upon a Time in Shanghai


Photo: Mark Parascandola

Mark Parascandola is a documentary fine-art photographer. Also, Mark has a background in history and population health. He takes on a unique approach to photographing his subjects, shooting with the eye of a researcher. He states, “My photographic projects take on expansive narratives about a community or place—such as in my previous work on the 1960s legacy of Hollywood filmmaking in the desert landscapes of southern Spain. As a trained researcher, I pursue photographic projects with an obsession for detail and information, investigating the history of a location and its representation.”

For the past five years, Mark has been photographing movie production sites in China. What moves him most about these sets is the “tension between truth and fiction.” These images compile the photo book titled, “Once Upon a Time in Shanghai: Behind the Scenes of the Chinese Film Industry.” The work contains 70 color photographs, an essay by Michael Berry, notes and maps about the locations, and a plate list with captions.

Parascandola COOPH 001
Parascandola COOPH 002
Parascandola COOPH 003
Parascandola COOPH 004
Parascandola COOPH 005
Parascandola COOPH 006
Parascandola COOPH 007
Parascandola COOPH 008
Parascandola COOPH 009



Parascandola COOPH 010

For more information about the book, check out the publisher's Daylight.
Want to see more photography by Mark? Check out his website.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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