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David Gilliver is a fine art photographer and artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. His ongoing project "Little People" draws viewers attention not only to everyday scenes but also global socio-economic themes. It started in 2016 and continues to amaze until today. During the Covid-19 lockdown phase he commited himself to "Pandemic", a series of "Little People" facing the problems of the worldwide crisis.

All images © David Gilliver

1. Barrier to a barrier

Barrier to a barrier

3. Know your enemy

Know your enemy

4. Wash your hands  closeup

Wash your hands

5. ATOL protected

ATOL protected

6. Recurring dream

Recurring dream

8. And breathe...

And breathe ...

9. Just back from the shops

Just back from the shops

13. ATOL protected  II

ATOL protected (II)

Check out more of David's work on his website or follow him on his Instagram: @dgilliver

Written by Lukas Schulz

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