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Past y Present


Nate Stein graduated from his studies in New York and Buenos Aires to become a human rights attorney. His passion for photography however began in high school and has stayed with him throughout his career. Shot in Buenos Aires, his recent series ‘Past y Present’ was inspired by the history of Argentina’s capital city. By merging old images of the streets with his own photography, he explains that “photos can help to illuminate the past and what it means to be a human in the world.” 

When asked about the relationship between his profession and his love of photography, he says "the biggest connection would be meeting people and giving them a voice no matter who they are or where they come from.”

COOPH Nate Stein 01
COOPH Nate Stein 02
COOPH Nate Stein 03
COOPH Nate Stein 04
COOPH Nate Stein 05
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COOPH Nate Stein 07
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Written by Fred Simmons

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