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Phantom Shanghai


Greg Girard is a Canadian photographer who’s work focuses on the examination of the social and physical transformations of Asia’s developing metropolises. The series, Phantom Shanghai, was photographed between 2000-06. Greg says about the series, “The work seeks to balance the spectacle of urban renewal on an unprecedented scale with the sense of loss as period early 20th Century buildings and neighborhoods were destroyed.”

COOPH Greg Girard 001
COOPH Greg Girard 002
COOPH Greg Girard 003
COOPH Greg Girard 004
COOPH Greg Girard 005
COOPH Greg Girard 006
COOPH Greg Girard 007
COOPH Greg Girard 008
COOPH Greg Girard 009
COOPH Greg Girard 010

Check out Greg Girard’s website and his most recent book, “City of Darkness Revisited.” Follow Greg on Instagram here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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