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Pinch Yourself and See You’re AWAKE


Photo: Oystein Aspelund

Norwegian Photographer Øystein Aspelund shot his AWAKE series between 2010 and 2015 in Northern Europe. Most locations are isolated and the images evoke strong feelings of déjà vu and longing.

“My childhood experiences, both at the conscious and sub-conscious levels, have found interpretive shapes through my AWAKE series of photographs. On earth and beyond it, my photographic quest travelled freely to string a meaningful story out of all that I felt and aspired as a child. Although the search was personal, its results, I am sure, will induce a back-and-forth correlation in many people.  A camera has a singular ability to preserve fleeting moments, clear misty intuitions, and thereby stoke fascinating introspections. All my photographic endeavours carry an imprint of this unique ability of the camera,” says Øystein.

Oystein Aspelund COOPH 001
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 002
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 003
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 004
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 005
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 006
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 007
Oystein Aspelund COOPH 008

Written by Matthew Rycroft

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