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Porcelain Beauty


Yulia Taits is an Israel-based photographer and graphic designer. She has worked in association with many Israeli television channels, newspapers, magazines and photographers. In her project “Porcelain Beauty”, Yulia portrays the unique and hypnotizing beauty of people with Albinism.

“This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairy tale legends”, Yulia explains. “I was highly motivated from the support of the models and my parents to create this project. Their passion and encouragement has contributed to this amazing project.”

COOPH Yulia Taits 01
COOPH Yulia Taits 03
COOPH Yulia Taits 04
COOPH Yulia Taits 05
COOPH Yulia Taits 07
COOPH Yulia Taits 08
COOPH Yulia Taits 10
COOPH Yulia Taits 12

Written by Michael Griessler

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