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Austria-based photographer Sébastien Ouvrard started shooting back in the analogue age of photography. Today, he shoots in the hotel and gastronomy sectors, but also has a great deal of experience in fashion photography. In his most recent series, Sébastien teamed up with three models and PORTABLY Upcycling; a designer from Vienna who makes stylish new garments out of repurposed old ones.

Together, they produced a compelling series of fashion photos completed with a touch of postproduction and a landscape orientation to give the images their own unique look. Sébastien explains; "As long as it’s fine from the client’s perspective, I love to think outside of the box.”

COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 01
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 02
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 03
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 04
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 05
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 06
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 07
COOPH Sebastien Ouvrard 08

To see more from Sébastien, head over to his website.

Written by Fred Simmons

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