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Fran Forman is the former director at AOL Time Warner, mother of two daughters and an artist. Originally from Baltimore, Fran received her undergrad at Brandies University in art and sociology. Since then, she has published two photography books, "Rest Between Two Notes" & "Escape Artist." Fran has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston). Also, she is an Affiliated Scholar at the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University.

Fran's series titled, "Portraiture Redressed," is based on the concept that, in the past up to today, "social position, wealth, and class determined one's dress." Her idea is to recreate photographic depictions based on Renaissance paintings (particularly in the Netherlands), reDressing the subjects. She states, "Everyone, even members of the 98%, the marginalized and the 'other,' deserves the honor of memorializing and recognition. My portraits blur the boundaries between class and status, health and sickness, old and young, fear and joy, whimsy, and solemnity."

Forman COOPH 001

Boy in Red Hat 2018

Forman COOPH 002

Child’s Gaze 2018

Forman COOPH 003

Eileen as Queen Elizabeth 2019

Forman COOPH 004

Mrs Gardner’s Lost Rembrandt 2018

Forman COOPH 005

Portrait of a Woman with Companions

Forman COOPH 006

Portrait of a Young Woman, after Anonymous 2018

Forman COOPH 007

Portrait of Woman with Linen Wimple 2018

Forman COOPH 008

Red Walls and Valise 2018

Forman COOPH 009

Taunt 2019

Forman COOPH 010

Woman Writing, with apologies to Vermeer 2018

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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