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Jenny Boot is a fine art painter who converted to photography, after realizing that the medium allowed her to express her feelings on a more precise scale. Visually, lighting plays an important role in the crafting of each of her images. According to Jenny she photographs women who, through their corporeality, express powerful or sensual personalities. The girls in her photos are women of the world that look you straight into the eyes and try to seduce you.” Jenny lives and works in Amsterdam. She has been nominated for the Fotogram awards and Cannes Lion.

Black Mickey

Jenny Boot COOPH 001


Jenny Boot COOPH 002

Carry On

Jenny Boot COOPH 003


Jenny Boot COOPH 004

DaVinci’s Cat

Jenny Boot COOPH 005

Eve of War

Jenny Boot COOPH 006

Luna Rembrandt

Jenny Boot COOPH 007


Jenny Boot COOPH 008

Rosa Delfts

Jenny Boot COOPH 009




Jenny Boot COOPH 010


Jenny Boot COOPH 011


Jenny Boot COOPH 012

Check out Jenny's website here.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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