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PROFOLIO: Lotus Josephine


Lotus Josephine is a New York-based fashion photographer born in the Philippines. We asked Lotus what inspired him to become a photographer, and he said, "I discovered my love for photography when I was living in Los Angeles. My first gigs were shooting myspace celebrity portraiture. Later on, I moved on to shooting for Modeling Agencies in 2008. The root of my inspiration comes from growing up with indie magazines like I.D." Lotus has shot for Lined Magazine, Elite, The Society, Schon Magazine, Next, MUSE, and New York Models.

We asked Lotus to talk us through his "Profolio" – giving us the scoop on a selection of his favorite shots…

Lotus COOPH 001
Lotus COOPH 002
Lotus COOPH 003
Lotus COOPH 004
Lotus COOPH 005
Lotus COOPH 006
Lotus COOPH 007
Lotus COOPH 008

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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