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PROFOLIO: Samantha Raffaela Muljat


Samantha Muljat is a multidisciplinary artist with a heavy focus on photography. She uses a combination of digital and analog technologies. “Samantha crafts otherworldly and surreal landscapes including the deserts throughout California, the mountain ranges of Norway and the Pacific Northwest. Eerie forest and mystical meadows. She occasionally involves a human presence in her aesthetic.” Born in Germany, Samantha currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.
She works closely with the music industry in the creation of her work.

We asked Samantha to walk us through her PROFOLIO…

Samantha Muljat COOPH 001

1. Cover shoot for Dead To A Dying World. A day in the mountains is a day well spent.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 002

2. Canadian wildfires caused smoke to get blown across the border, draping everything in an eerie, gray sheet. Whilst making any outdoor activities unhealthy and almost unbearable, it also resulted in an everyday spectacle; yielding a blood-red, surreal-looking sun, and an even more red lake reflection.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 003

3. For this artwork for Offa Rex, I made my friend Kalli walk into a waterfall. Boldly and unafraid.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 004

4. The Scottish Highlands at its best. This was the long, muddy road to the secluded cabin I stayed in.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 005

5. A few years ago, I traded smoggy, crowded Los Angeles for the Pacific North West's clean, crisp air. Those are the sights I'll never get tired of.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 006

6. Analog experimental photography is a vital part of my work. There's a particular tickle to that that I can't get out of another medium.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 007

7. About the bendiness of spines and mossy, creepy branches, reaching out like fuzzy tentacles. Cover shoot for Palm.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 008

8. Ascending a mountain in a blizzard is usually not advisable. The rainbow revealed to me atop made all the slipping and sliding worthwhile.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 009

9. If I were ever to go back to Europe, I could see myself residing in Norway. Beautiful waterfall on the way to Røldal.

Samantha Muljat COOPH 010

10. On the hunt for a good photo in Big Bear, CA. It was already really dark and ice-cold. I remember my fingers were almost too stiff to release the shutter when I looked up and saw this gorgeous moonbow.

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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