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Quarantine Through Glass


Caroline White is a Los Angeles based portrait photographer whose new series 'Quarantine Through Glass' captures the experiences of residents in their homes in East L.A. during the Covid-19 crisis.

"I can shoot socially distant but at the height of quarantine I wanted to be extra careful and I get sad if I go too long without shooting, so I asked a couple of neighbors if they’d like a window shoot and everyone was very responsive and happy - I think because they already knew me and my work", states Caroline.

Of course this form of shooting comes with its own technical challenges that she knows how to overcome. Step stools, light blockers with stands, lights, extension cords and even a drone are some tools Caroline uses regularly.

Another big part is the planning itself, "Window shoots are always scheduled and sometimes the clients give me a virtual tour. I'm trying to gauge the best time of day for the shooting, but I've shot a few people several times in different lights."

Check out the unique "Quarantine through glass" series below!

More of Caroline's work on her website and Instagram.

Colter Freeman  Filmmaker and writer  and Joanne and pug Winona  Elysian Park  Los Angeles

Colter Freeman, filmmaker and writer, with pug Winona - Elysian Park, Los Angeles.

Danielle Marcelle Bond singer and actor Atwater Village  Los Angeles

Danielle Marcelle Bond, singer and actor - Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Dexter Randazzo  Owner  the DEPARTMENT of SALES  Echo Park

Dexter Randazzo - Echo Park, Los Angeles

George Whyne Cranford  actor and carpenter  Echo Park  Los Angeles

George Whyne Cranford, actor and carpenter - Echo Park, Los Angeles

Jeremy Rosenberg  Communications executive and author  Echo Park

Jeremy Rosenberg, author - Echo Park, Los Angeles

Kate Marshall and A.D. Freese  filmmakers and co-founders of Shadow Fax films  Atwater Village  Los Angeles

Kate Marshall and A.D. Freese, filmmakers - Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Nick  International flight attendant  Atwater Village

Nick, International Flight Attendant - Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Prashanth Pandian and Jess Joswick  Business Coach and Founder  Backbone Business Altadena  Los Angeles

Prashanth Pandian and Jess Joswick, business coach and founder - Altadena, Los Angeles

Written by Anna Scheutz

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