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Remembering The Carnivalesque Through Pinhole Photography


Diana Bloomfield specializes in 19th century printing techniques, and frequently uses pinhole and toy cameras. The Midway is an ongoing series which was started in 1998. The photographs are of the North Carolina State Fair, made with a 4x5 pinhole camera. Diana says about the project, “When I first began this series, I wanted to find a way to show the Fair as I remembered it as a child — at once scary, exciting, foreign, full of color, strangeness and wonder.”

COOPH DHBloomfield 01

Fun Slide

COOPH DHBloomfield 02

Midway Clown

COOPH DHBloomfield 03

Strong Normal Boy

COOPH DHBloomfield 04

Midway Tent, Dusk 

COOPH DHBloomfield 05
COOPH DHBloomfield 06

Spinning Top 

COOPH DHBloomfield 07


COOPH DHBloomfield 08

Swing Ride 

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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