Cooperative of Photography

Rewriting History


Fabiola Jean-Louis was born in Port-au- Prince, and at a young age, moved to Brooklyn. She began her career in fashion, where she flourished and later on in life discovered her talent for photography. Fabiola’s series, Rewriting History, eloquently presents a reinterpretation of history, blending reality with the speculative. She states, “My work always begins with research, and experimentation. Because I do not sketch anything, every design aspect is figured out through trial and era which leaves plenty of room for discovery. Once I've had time to construct in my head, I move to working with samples or models.”

Jean Louis COOPH 001


Jean Louis COOPH 002

Jean Louis Conquistador

Jean Louis COOPH 003

Jean Louis The Color Purple

Jean Louis COOPH 004

Madame Leroy

Jean Louis COOPH 005

Madame Beauvoir’s Painting

Jean Louis COOPH 006

Marie Antoinette Is Dead

Jean Louis COOPH 007


Jean Louis COOPH 008

Rest in Peach

Jean Louis COOPH 009

They’ll Say We Enjoyed It

Jean Louis COOPH 010

Whisper of a Revolution

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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