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"Riddle" by Fiona Veronique


Fiona Veronique is a documentary photographer living in Brooklyn. Her work focuses on captivating every day moments in life. She is a member of the photography group Seeing Collective. Fiona states that her motivation to shoot comes in preserving the poignant moments, people, or narratives, that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Fiona’s debut photo book, “Riddle,” was released on October 13th, 2020, on ANTICS Publications. The title of the book comes from the namesake of a small town in Idaho. Each photograph is a glimpse across the Western States. Everyday windows in time and desert landscapes are depicted in moments shared and now passed.
From the press release, “Veronique exposes a complicated place - one full of good intentions and disastrous mistakes, as well as endless possibilities and deadly restrictions, all fueled by a collective dream to be free.”

Riddle COOPH 001
Riddle COOPH 002
Riddle COOPH 003
Riddle COOPH 004
Riddle COOPH 005
Riddle COOPH 006
Riddle COOPH 007
Riddle COOPH 008

The book is 68 pages, with an essay written by Amelia Rina. Check out the book here, the online exhibition, or follow Antics Publications on Instagram!

Written by Rowynn Dumont

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